Funny Name, Amazing Videos

Indianapolis and Fort Wayne wedding videography is a thing of the past.  We are taking our gifts as storytellers, mixing it with top notch technology and wrapping it all together with the most cinematic experience you will find in the midwest.


Commercial Films

Commercial video, yeah we do that too! Looking for the freshest face in video? We are brilliant story tellers who can help elevate your story to help your tv, social media or web presence with amazing promotional video and production.  We are a full service video production company that serves Fort Wayne, Indianapolis and the whole midwest. If you're looking for boring uninspiring video you came to the wrong place. 

About Us

In early 2012 our film making journey was born, but long before then it existed in the form of hobby and passion. Today we are still guided by that passion and don't do this just as a way to get by or punch the clock. We have an intense love for people and their stories, for moving pictures and for music. The emotions that can be conveyed by combining these elements keeps us excited with each new film.

We decided early on that we wanted to infuse art and beauty in to wedding films and to take large risks of potential failure by making films we felt had true meaning and emotion - even if it meant going against the tide of the wedding industry and the status quo for wedding cinematography. It's what we still strive to do here every day: take chances and do what feels right in our hearts.

We are based of northeast Indiana and Chicago, with many of our films being nationwide.  We love Fort Wayne, Indianapolis, and Chicago, but we are always happy to jump on a plane and go on an adventure with or for you.  

Many of you ask where the heck does the name come from? Like a film a burrito has many ingredients and many combinations thus creating a new experience, and the same can be said about a wedding.  From a outside looking in some may see every wedding as just another white dress and a set of "i do's", but that is where our films differ they are personality driven to show your wedding through your eyes, thus allowing you to remember it for all time.  Plus who doesn't like a good burrito? 

We are creating Fort Wayne and Indianapolis wedding videography and cinematography for weddings and commercial projects. Chicago wedding videography is also a love of ours. Weddings are a passion, but commercial projects are what excites us. 

Special Thanks! We work with some amazing photographers out there, so we'd like thank Dustin & Corynn Photography, Jackie Santana Photography, and Happinest Photography for the use of there amazing photographic work for our video thumbnails. 

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